About the company

TC Bromine is one of the largest Russian bromine and bromine compound producers. It is located in the Krasnokamsk of Perm region, near the largest deposit of iodine-bromine water. The bromine compounds produced here serve as the main raw material for drilling fluids used in the oil and gas industry and petrochemical products. In addition, they are used in the production of flame retardants and water treatment solutions.

We are a modern dynamically developing company. TC Bromine considers its mission in reliable, efficient and balanced supply of quality products to Russian and foreign consumers. The strategic goal of the company is to become a leader among domestic producers of bromine and bromine compounds through the expansion of sales markets and new products, increasing production efficiency and practical application of scientific and technical potential.

TC Bromine's unique geographical location, close to a natural bromine source, provides the possibility to extract unique compounds. One of the company's main goals is to minimize its environmental impact. We implement required environmental protection measures in order to achieve it.