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Results 2023

The top management of the controlling company reported on the results of work for 2023. The company's export revenue for the specified period amounted to more than $20 million.

The general tonnage of the shipped products exceeded 15,000 tons.

Products were delivered to new markets for the company - Algeria, Nigeria, Laos, Yemen and Djibouti.

Pilot lots of new products were released: 3-bromopropene-1 (allyl bromide), 1-bromo-2-methylpropane (isobutyl bromide) and tribromethane (bromoform). Serial production is scheduled for the second half of 2024.

In the next three years, the company's management will bet on strategic development on these highly sought-after products in the world and domestic market, since the market for classic products (sodium and calcium bromides) in the current world situation of reducing consumption is losing its potential.

Plans 2024

The key task of the enterprise remains the products line extension and the deepening of bromine processing to obtain high-margin brominated organic compounds. In 2024, we plan to conduct pilot tests and announce the launch of four more new products. Finished products will be delivered both to the market of the Russian Federation and for export to friendly countries.

The launch of new products will allow the company to occupy new niches in the global market of organic bromide compounds and increase its presence from 8% to 15%.

In addition, the management of the management company is negotiating the construction of a new plant in one of the CIS countries and is preparing to open two trading divisions in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

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New products launching into mass production

In January Krasnokamsk plant has produced first batches of ammonium bromide and zink bromide.

In frame of import substitution our products will fully cover domestic market needs.

The plant producing capability is up to 500 metric tons of ammonium bromide and 500 metric tons of zink bromide monthly.

The main consumers are pulp and paper industry, gas and oil sector and chemical manufacturers.

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Dried liquid bromine production line

In September, the company completed the installation of a new line for the production of dried liquid bromine. Now the management of the plant is negotiating the acquisition of a fleet of ISO-tank containers with the German manufacturer Goslar Gmbh.

TC Bromine delivers Bromine in accordance with the rules and regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

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Results 2020

TC Bromine management has reported on the results of the enterprise's work in 2020. In despite of market volatility, the company's export revenues doubled compared to the prior period and amounted to US $ 17 million. The export shipments of bromides exceeded 5,000 tons.

Prospects 2021

One of the priority tasks of the company is to expand the product portfolio. New products will not only implement the president's import substitution program, but also enter new markets and provide new growth points.

TC Bromine sells its products both in the domestic market and abroad. The main markets for bromine and compounds are the production of fire retardants, petrochemical industry, water treatment and pharmaceuticals.

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Amount expansion of railway tanks

TC Bromine plant has increased its fleet of railway tanks. Today the company owns twenty-three of the modern tanks for the transport of iron trichloride, which is actively used worldwide as a eco safe coagulant for water treatment of domestic drinking water and industrial effluents.

TC Bromine delivers coagulant in accordance with the rules and regulations for the transport of dangerous goods.

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APRIL 2020

Production of the first batch of calcium bromide

TC Bromine Krasnokamsk plant produced the first batch of calcium bromide in the amount of 500 metric tons. These products are in high demand not only in the Russian market, but also abroad in the CIS and the Middle East.

The plant producing capability is up to 1000 metric tons of calcium bromide monthly.

The main consumers are oilfield service companies and the chemical manufacturers.

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14 Jan 2020

TC Bromine’s plans for 2020

2020 will be a breakthrough year for TC Bromine. In its second quarter, the first phase of the new sodium bromide plant in Krasnokamsk will reach the full capacity. The company plans to sell more than 5,000 tons of sodium bromide in both domestic and international markets in this year.In 2020, the company plans to enter new markets and expand its customer base.

The bromine production market is highly concentrated. This is due to the dependency of the production on natural bromine deposits and their limited worldwide locations. Due to these natural barriers for the new players and growing demand, the capacity utilization of the largest sodium bromide plants is almost 100%. In 2020 this environment will allow TC Bromine to:

  • effectively expand the customer base
  • increase sales
  • develop an investment program

On top ot that the company plans to develop supplies of new products - calcium bromide, zinc bromide, ammonium bromide.

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10 Oct 2019

TC Bromine: results and prospects

TC Bromine's management presented its results for the first nine months of 2019. The company's export revenue for this period amounted to more than USD 7.5 million, the volume of shipments of sodium bromide products was more than 2,500 tons. One of the company's main results is the completion of engineering of own bromide production in Krasnokamsk city of Perm region.

Here, next to the natural iodobromic water deposit, a bromine and bromine compound production facility will be opened soon. TC Bromine plans to re-create the production of bromine in Perm region. In 2003 the production of bromine in the region was closed as the result of unfavorable economic conditions.

TC Bromine's products are sold both in the domestic and international markets. The main areas of sales of bromine and its compounds are oil and gas services sector, petrochemical industry, production of flame retardants, pharmaceuticals, water treatment.

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12 Feb 2019

The demand for sodium bromide in the world markets is growing faster than before

Global consumption of sodium bromide is growing faster than before. Thus, in 2017 the demand for bromide increased to 687 thousand tons compared to the average level of 629 thousand tons for the period from 2014 to 2016. The main areas of application of bromine are flame retardants and chemical industry products. Together these industries provide more than 64% of the world demand.

Flame retardants are special substances that are used to protect the plastic. Flame retardants are used in electronic equipment, textiles, plastics and construction. There are brominated, inorganic, chlorinated, nitrogen and phosphorus-containing flame retardants.

In 2017, the demand for bromine for flame retardants increased by 18% compared to 2014 - from 225 thousand tons to 302 thousand tons respectively. Stricter fire safety regulations for construction played a significant role in this. The main areas of bromine consumption:

  • 45% of the world's bromine is used for fire retardants production
  • 20% for the chemical industry
  • 17% - in oil and gas sector
  • 10% - production of chemicals for water treatment
  • 8% - in other industrial fields

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23 Dec 2018

TC Bromine opens a new bromine production plant in Krasnokamsk

TC Bromine opens a new plant in Krasnokamsk for production of bromine and bromine compounds. Construction of the plant will be carried out in two phases. The first phase will reach its full production capacity (600 tons per month) in the second quarter of 2020. The second phase will be launched in 2022. The total capacity of the two phases will be 1,700 tons of sodium bromide per month. The total investment in this project is about USD 60 million.

The new production's location was chosen for the reason that Krasnokamsk has the largest deposit of iodine-bromine water in Russia and CIS countries sufficient for many decades.

Israel, Jordan, USA and China remain the main suppliers of bromine at the moment. The new plant has the competitive edge in the international market trade. The main advantages of the new plant:

  • New and state of the art production of quality products
  • Supply of bromine to domestic and international markets
  • Positive impact on Krasnokamsk's economy - more than 500 jobs will be created